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Hevsel Times
Hevsel Times fosters a community of young scientists who share passion for collaboration to create a sustainable impact in their communities.

What Is Times Journal

       Times Journal has been started by Hevsel Times to provide students with a place where they can publish their academic work. Doing this, Times Journal helps students to put research into context. Every 3 months, Times Journal publishes a new volume, including research papers and any other academic writing.

       With a range of topics from art to science, Times Journal is a space where students can publish their academic work while also connecting with other young researchers and reading their academic work.

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Meet The Team

Yigit Efe Nas.jpg

Yigit Efe Nas

Founder & Editor


Journal Guidelines

      Please review the submission guideline our editors prepared for prospective Hevsel Times writers. An explanation of our editorial process, eligibility criteria, and requirements are given with the expected quality for your submission.

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