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The Impact of Gender Differences on Society

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Written by Ahmet Tuna Balci

Although many movements, NGOs, and individuals have fought to bring a change, the social status of genders is still different from each other. Considering it is not very valid in societies today, we can see that the social status of people is quite different from each other due to their gender, especially in previous periods. Especially in earlier periods or a little more recently, before social innovations and great steps were taken in this regard, women were not granted their worth in any important or unimportant issue, family concept, or any part of social life, and perhaps it is not considered right or wrong at that moment. They were exposed to mistreatment, which can also be called ignorance.

Women could not have a say in any matter, including themselves, and were constantly marginalized by men. Of course, as a result of the reform movements that took place at different times in each country or society, laws were developed to protect women's rights. The subject we wanted to discuss in general is the evaluation or differentiation of that person in society according to the genders before women are now faced with various negative acts. In fact, the negative situation that women are exposed to in terms of society prevents us from talking about not only women but perhaps other people who face these problems to a lesser extent. Although not as much as before, this situation remains valid and still needs to be corrected [3].

Today, while there are many women who work at the highest levels in every field or are valued by society, are known, loved, or respected, and set an example for many people, the fact that the rest may not even be able to imagine such things actually shows the injustice of this world a little bit. Even in the last few days, the interventions or restrictions on women's personal space in Iran have been talked about a lot around the world. It's not just their beliefs or beliefs, it's "violence" applied directly to their personality. Yes, this is something that affects thousands or hundreds of thousands of people living in that geography, both physically and psychologically [2].

Hundreds of others like this can be found easily, but the important thing is not just to talk or criticize the situation of people who are exposed to such bad behavior all over the world due to their religion, personality, ethnic identity, or social status, but to try to develop a real solution to this situation before that, or to do what can be done is to be aware. This may be a simple example, but anyone who allows these people to live, or will live, should in reality be at least as bad as those who did. The attitude of the government caused these events and perhaps the solution to this event can only be resolved in a political way. There are thousands of things to do for the rest. When there are many problems in the world, instead of solving them, there should not be people who write articles condemning them. Or maybe there should not be people who just say a few simple words and try to pass them off in order not to confront others. We should not judge and be judged in such a meaningless and bad way just because of gender differences [4].

In order to better understand all this, Malala Yousafzai, who has been exposed to these behaviors on behalf of all women in the world, fought with these people both physically and psychologically and has become someone who is respected and taken as an example by all other people, is known by most of us as one of the leading people in history. She herself faced many hardships and even when she was a little girl, she faced death. But the important thing is that she never gave up and explained women's rights to the whole world with her efforts [1]. So we can end with a word that completely defines her. “When God created man and woman, 'Who shall I give the power to give birth to the next man?' he thought. God chose women. This is the biggest proof that women are strong.

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