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The Effects of Optimism on Our Health

Written by Selinsu Almaz and Aysenaz Karaaslan

There is substantial evidence that optimism is related to physical health. Numerous prospective studies imply that optimism predicts at least some future health outcomes, even if a large portion of this research is cross-sectional, but what is optimism? The inclination to be positive and focus on the positive aspects of a circumstance rather than the negative ones or the belief that good things will more likely occur in the future than bad things is called optimism. Optimism significantly improves not only the overall state of mental health but also the operation of our health and the body's capacity to fend off harmful influences [Victor Perton, (n.d)].

Optimistic people are more likely to persist in the face of difficulty because they anticipate a successful outcome. In the end, our psychological wellness greatly influences our physical wellness. When we approach a situation with a negative outlook, we are more likely to feel stressed, which can result in high blood pressure and anxiety. Our psychological selves will be impacted as a result because we start talking negatively to ourselves instead of positively. Negative self-talk can cause us to stop taking care of our bodies on the inside and outside, which can have a negative impact on our physical health. Therefore, psychological resilience is one of the biggest qualities that optimism rewards [Elizabeth Scott, 2022].

According to licensed clinical psychologist Karpel (2017), "people who are optimistic about their own aging live an average of 7.5 years longer, whereas pessimists are more likely to die within the first six months after the death of a spouse" [Karpel, 2017]. In other words, someone who is in a good frame of mind is less likely than others to be affected by loss and unfortunate circumstances. To put it another way, a person in a positive frame of mind is less likely than others to be affected by loss and unfortunate circumstances.

Overall, adopting a positive outlook can enable us to perceive the bigger and better picture. It can aid us in expanding our perspective and recognizing all the opportunities life has to offer. It can be there for us when we feel cornered by the bad things in life, and it can aid us in finding new ways to keep moving forward. Everyone wants to be happy, even though they all have different goals and priorities in life. So why not follow optimism on the path to happiness?

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