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Relationship Between Homo Sapiens and Biodiversity

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Written by Dicle Ezgi Ekinci

Everything existing in the universe came into being in accordance with a close relation, like a chain. All biotic and abiotic components reached their current status as a result of the ongoing evolutionary process. Sexual reproduction, mutations, adaptations have contributed to biodiversity vitally (3). Humanity owes its developments to these aspects of biodiversity. Just as biodiversity affects us, we also affect it markedly, much more than the ancient human species. As Sapiens, we outdid the Neanderthals and survived the Ice Age, thanks to biodiversity, as we knew the importance of biodiversity (1).

We could share our experiences regarding our observations of the environment and thus survived. But, so they couldn’t share their knowledge and so they went extinct (3). As shown, biodiversity plays a crucial role in meeting basic needs such as shelter, food besides social needs. It also influences our adaptation to the environment. To illustrate, there are 3708 endemic plants growing in Turkey (2). When examined, it was found that they contain vitamins-minerals required for a biological community. This proves that biodiversity is shaped by needs. Ecological niches also maintain life. So, there are some disruptions in the ecosystem affecting humankind deeply. In 2011, some hunters in my city chose a different way to hunt foxes. They chose to put poisonous meat in forests. Consequently, the foxes' population decreased sharply. Following this incident, the meadow mice population increased and they started to destroy crops. As a result, farmers couldn’t harvest that year, leading to a food shortage. This proves how much extinction of 11 species and disruptions in ecosystems affect humankind. Secondly, in 2018, deforestation at the Tigris River banks caused floods in 1 year, overflowing the roads and fields.

As seen, damaging ecosystems had an adverse impact on social life. Hence, people in my city understood the importance of protecting biodiversity for the balance of nature, unequivocally by experiencing. As people, we should reduce our eco footprints and protect biodiversity to maintain ecosystems.


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