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Hevsel Times
Hevsel Times seeks to put research into context and influence value creators around the world.

How we came together

        Even though our official establishment was in August 2021 by our founder Gul Karen Aca, the ideology behind the action roots back to 2018, the year Diyarbakir Bahcesehir College Science and Technology High School was started. Diyarbakir Bahcesehir Sci-Tech is not only where our founder, first executive board, alumni, and office members study but also is the place created initially created the Diyarbakir Bahcesehir Sci-Tech community, later a shared ideology between Diyarbakir Bahcesehir Sci-Tech community and Hevsel Times, and the Hevsel Times itself.


The pathway we synchronously discover with our community members evolved to have milestones that nurture our values and guide us to cherish learning.

Hevsel Times


Start of the Diyarbakir Bahcesehir Sci-Tech Community

      Diyarbakir Bahcesehir Sci-Tech opened a new door of expression through science to academically competitive Kurdish students by introducing a pathway to undergraduate education that wasn’t testing. This pathway is still unique and one of a kind in East Turkey. The community establishment at the school is a result of the enthusiasm for expression through science and research, eagerness to take a unique way, the needed solidarity as the resources available to the students are very scarce unlike the talent they possess, and the spark to spot and change the transgenerational patterns East Turkey face.

Hevsel Times

Founding of Hevsel Times


      In August 2021, Hevsel Times was founded as a journal empowering intellectual curiosity and academic competence with a platform improving their academic, professional, and writing skills. The idea was to have a collective space that makes students’ work accessible and unforgotten.

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Increased Involvement In School and Official Start of the Collaborative Environment Between Different Class-Levels

       Admissions of first alumni to top colleges like Harvard and Brown evolved the Diyarbakir Bahcesehir Sci-Tech community, and correspondingly Hevsel Times. The eventual fade of the national exam preparation accelerated while the need for collaboration between classes against the underrepresentation, the lack of resources, and the load of taking a peculiar way as an accomplished student escalated. The outcomes improved the spirited Hevsel Times community to foster diversity and inclusion in high school research culture through articles, podcasts, videos, and the Writing Center.

Hevsel Times


Expanding Values to Representing and Protecting Language and Culture with Visibility

       Upon Hevsel Times’s formation as a self-sufficient, systematic, and continuous ecosystem, its first value creators aspired to represent and create visibility for their culture, as most were underrepresented minority students. Starting by creating the first open-source library in the world to examine Kurdish mythology, Hevsel Times now promotes its science and research-focused efforts in Kurdish concurrently. We believe increasing diversity and inclusion is multifactorial; hence, we are taking further international steps to include Hispanic/Latino and Indian backgrounds in our storytelling, science, research, representation, and youth-empowerment-focused efforts.


Bees, containing a mere million neurons each, interact to create group decisions like the most suitable site for a new nest and create a compatible complexity that of a human brain, a network of 90 billion neurons. What humans can achieve as a group and the power of such a system are ideally embodied in the practice of science. We value seeing the youth as decision-makers in this practice. To create cohesion in our ecosystem, Hevsel Times adopts core values that are not subject to change under any circumstance; those values include, but are not limited to, respect, honesty, equity in every context, inclusion, and integrity.

Putting Research Into Context

1-1 Mentorship from the Advisory Board and Role Models

Influence and Empower Value Creators

Drive Multi-Layered Positive Impact in Communities

Passion for Collaboration

Inclusion and Representation of the Youth and Cultures

International Call

      We acknowledge driving youth to empower their mindsets to question and act for the prolonged patterns surrounding them is a complex process with intricate economic, political, and social causes. We echo the importance of value-creation and a sense of belonging to untangle that phenomenon and earn lifelong know-how for themselves and the upcoming generations. Join our international call to create timeliness and relevant impact.

Be an editor or writer in our Journal

Write, host, or edit videos & podcasts

Create resources at our Writing Center

Join our partnership department for multifactorial impact

Register your initiative to our Youth-Found Initiatives network


    If you are a representative of an organization, an expert in science, research, or minority inclusion, an activist, at least an undergraduate student with relevant experience, or an individual with an idea to join our journey, please directly refer to:

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