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Hevsel Times
Hevsel Times fosters a community of young scientists who share passion for collaboration to create a sustainable impact in their communities.

What is Times Magazine and what is its purpose?

Times Magazine, a school magazine run by high school students, aims to encourage students with their college applications by publishing sources, enlightening the necessary actions throughout the process, such as summer schools, research, academics, and extracurricular activities. Moreover, Times Magazine displays alumni and current high school students of Diyarbakir Bahcesehir Science and Technology High School by getting into the world’s best universities and their achievements throughout the process. Besides sharing supportive sources for college applications, it contains pieces based on students' ideas and comments on current news, books, or movies. 

What does Times Magazine do?

 Publishing Opinion Essays 

We value working for the development of talent, passion, and creativity of our team. To develop our creativity and strengthen our reasoning ability, we publish weekly articles with our thoughts and conclusions about various films and books.


Introducing Our Region 

We relate our content to the culture of our region, Southeastern Turkey. From famous people in history to the state cultures that have existed in the region for significant periods, the contents cover the historical traditions that have been maintained in our region and will be continuous for a long time. To enlighten our history and traditions we offer reliable resources for our readers. 

Interviewing Alumni and Current Students

We feature interviews with experts from diverse professions, introducing their work to young readers. We also highlight successful teenagers and Hevsel alumni, allowing them to share inspiring stories and impressive accomplishments, motivating the youth to pursue their passions and strive for success.

Creating Special Podcast Series

The Hevsel Times Magazine Podcast series delves into academic excellence and inspires future intellectual leaders. In its special series, it features insightful tips from esteemed Hevsel alumni on various topics such as APs, SATs, and ECs, along with explorations of the college application process for all grades. Additionally, in the introducing Hevsel series, it delves into the enchanting history of Hevsel and its surrounding region.

Magazine Board


Poyraz Bahcivan


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Elif Gulce Batgi



Dilvin Lacin



Bedirhan Atabay


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