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Hevsel Times community is choosing an intellectual community and a place you believe you can live, learn, and flourish.

Animal Savehicle

Animal Savehicle develops a sensor-based circuit to detect and deter animals. If any of the sensors detect the animal, the system warns the driver and sends sound waves to deter this animal.


Delavo developed ECaundry—water filtration apparatus designed to be implanted within the washing machines to manage their water and energy use.

Hemi Change

Hemi Change is a sustainable plastic produced from hemicellulose and glycerol in order to respond to widely known problems of plastic products.


MethaRise represents a comprehensive worldwide climate initiative devised to mitigate methane emissions.


TechnoHear is an initiative aimed at hearing-impaired community. TechnoHear designed an online dictionary which voices daily phrases for hearing-impaired individuals.


Copipest is a non-profit organization carrying out projects against soil, water, and air pollution by regulating herbicide dosages in agricultural production.

Delivered to You

Delivered to You is a non-profit organization that establishes equality of opportunity in education by reaching underrepresented students and exchanging valuable knowledge about STEM.

Hevsel Global Scholars

Hevsel Global Scholars is a collaborative initiative aiming to create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment by bringing together high school students from across Turkey.

Neurolize Youth

Neurolize Youth aims to “neurolize” the next generation by creating accessibility and empowerment as they unlock the mysteries of brain and behavior.


CropWare is a non-profit biotechnology organization that produces sustainable agricultural technologies, established to minimize the negative effects of climate change and global warming.


FibreGuard aims to be a global leader in asbestos detection and prevention. FibreGuard envisions a world where everyone has the knowledge and tools to safeguard themselves from asbestos risks.

Hevsel High School Law Review (HSLR)

The High School Law Review serves to provide curriculum for to students and teachers around the world in the field of legal debate and writing.


Taxikonomi is a podcast series in which Turkish people from different social classes are interviewed. Taxikonomi  examines how the ongoing financial crisis affected them.

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