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 Cosmopolitan Library fosters a community of young scientists who share passion for collaboration to create a sustainable impact in their communities.

What is Cosmopolitan Library and its purpose?

       Cosmopolitan Library operates as an international scholarly article publication project led by high school students. It envisions itself as a unifying "library" where diverse roots, languages, and cultures can intertwine harmoniously. The library's primary objective is to bring attention to underrepresented cultural elements that face the risk of disappearing, ensuring that future generations have access to a comprehensive and accurate repository of collective knowledge. It aims to overcome the complexities and scattered nature of information by curating a library that offers a cohesive and inclusive resource.

Cosmopolitan Library Board


Sara Bozyel

Founder and Executive Director of the Project


Ezgi Cakirgoz

Authenticator of Resources

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-23 at 14_13_24.webp

Loya Demir

Outreach Representative

International Call

      We acknowledge driving youth to empower their mindsets to question and act for the prolonged patterns surrounding them is a complex process with intricate economic, political, and social causes. We echo the importance of value-creation and a sense of belonging to untangle that phenomenon and earn lifelong know-how for themselves and the upcoming generations. Join our international call to create timeliness and relevant impact.

Be an editor or writer in our Journal

Write, host, or edit videos & podcasts

Create resources at our Writing Center

Join our partnership department for multifactorial impact

Register your initiative to our Youth-Found Initiatives network


    If you are a representative of an organization, an expert in science, research, or minority inclusion, an activist, at least an undergraduate student with relevant experience, or an individual with an idea to join our journey, please directly refer to:

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