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 Cosmopolitan Library fosters a community of young scientists who share passion for collaboration to create a sustainable impact in their communities.

What is Cosmopolitan Library and its purpose?

       Cosmopolitan Library operates as an international scholarly article publication project led by high school students. It envisions itself as a unifying "library" where diverse roots, languages, and cultures can intertwine harmoniously. The library's primary objective is to bring attention to underrepresented cultural elements that face the risk of disappearing, ensuring that future generations have access to a comprehensive and accurate repository of collective knowledge. It aims to overcome the complexities and scattered nature of information by curating a library that offers a cohesive and inclusive resource.

What does Compolitan Library do?

Uniting Cultures

We research underrepresented cultures and by documenting them, we address a global library where they will remain unforgotten. Recognizing the lack of information surrounding these cultures, we prioritize accuracy in our research and strive to establish a comprehensive repository of collective knowledge. Through our work, we hope to overcome the complexities and scattered nature of the information.


Accurate Storylining

Under the aim of accurate storylining, we offer a coherent and consistent narrative or story structure that involves outlining the main plot points, character arcs, and thematic elements in a logical and meaningful way. Within our articles, accurate storylining ensures that the story flows smoothly, makes sense to the audience, and maintains internal consistency.

Publishing Scholarly Articles

Our article publication processes aim to fulfill the need for accurate information by providing a platform where high school students can gather and exchange their research findings. Our primary goal is to encourage original thinking and ideas, as long as they accurately reflect historical events and phenomena. We value the authenticity and reliability of the content we publish, ensuring that it aligns with true happenings in various fields of study. 


Passing on to the Next Generations

Our endeavors encompass establishing a foundation that will lay the groundwork for numerous forthcoming projects for future generations. While we undertake the creation of the Cosmopolitan Library to elevate it to its full potential, we acknowledge the future intelligence imposed by the advancements in 21st-century technology and the brilliant young minds that are yet to come.

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