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Hevsel Times
Aims & Scope
We seek to put research into context and influence value creators around the world.

       Founded in 2021 to address the need for a collective platform for high school students, Hevsel Times supports aspiring researchers with transformative feedback from the professional advisory board, resource and writing centers, and an inclusive peer community to evolve together. We believe human’s efforts of reasoning and exploring every aspect of life, the universe, and being are a melting pot, representing and necessarily reflecting people of different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. This melting pot, calling the 21st-century youth to contribute, is inspired and cumulatively enhanced by introspecting herself.


      We believe in the vitality of diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging to create a spirited intellectual community and advance science. To accomplish this, we adopt a balanced approach to all reproducible and impactful research areas, allowing community members to question and interpret in an interdisciplinary way.

Hevsel Times’s scope includes but is not limited to the following:

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