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Hevsel Times
Hevsel Times seeks to put research into context and influence value creators around the world.

What is Hevsel Times and what is its purpose?

      Hevsel Times is an international journal publishing scholarly articles of interdisciplinary interest from high school students based on originality, clarity, relevance, and timeliness. We recognize the equal representation of talent unlike the unequal availability of opportunities and representation; therefore, we are committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in high school research culture with an article submission platform, podcasts, videos, an editorial advisory board, mentorship, and workshops. Hevsel Times believes in the transformational power of research and advocates driving positive change in the world with it.

International Call

                      Be an editor or writer in our Journal

Write, host, or edit videos & podcasts

Create resources at our Writing Center

Join our partnership department for multifactorial impact

Register your initiative to our Youth-Found Initiatives network

    If you are a representative of an organization, an expert in science, research, or minority inclusion, an activist, at least an undergraduate student with relevant experience, or an individual with an idea to join our journey, please directly refer to:

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